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((Vincenzo continued from Seediq Bale))

A chapel. Wasn't that some shit?

Enzo's parents were sort of religious. Like, the 'we don't go to church but we'll still grab your ear for blaspheming' flavour of religious. Vincenzo wasn't, and honestly barely even thought about it. He had too much on his own plate to try and make friends with God, and he'd always assumed that if the big guy was around, He'd sort of see that Enzo was making his best effort and not really get on his case too much.

So all in all, Enzo wasn't really sure what drew him to the building now, other than maybe wanting to get in out of the elements for a little while. He wasn't sure he had anything to discuss with God right now—not that wouldn't have had his parents really chew him out for. Vinny didn't really feel like doing that either. What would be the point? Wasn't like Jesus C. was going to descend from on high, karate chop the collar off his neck, and then float him back home.

Vinny stepped inside, and then froze. Someone was sitting there at the front of the rows of pews. Even though his last encounter with someone ostensibly dangerous had gone okay, Enzo didn't want to chance his luck. He wasn't even sure that Kimiko would be as non-murderous as she was the other day if he ran into her again.

Enzo paused, squinted closer. Though, the size of that person sitting down was distinct. Or distinctly lacking, either or. He only knew one person in the class with that kind of height. A teammate, even a friend.

"Crouchy? Crouchy, is that you?"
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