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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Just fuckin'- just DO it, dude!" Jerry screamed, face as red as a cherry tomato. His hands instinctively wormed around Matt's, trying to keep them away from the sore area and thus make his assigned task difficult, but after enough poking and prodding they had been brought to the wayside and Matt was able to do his job. In a service good enough for gub'ment work, Jerry's nose was straightened with a mighty crack.

Jerry, true to form, screamed like a little bitch.

"I'm gonna wear her skin as a goddamn coat, I swear!" the boy howled, stomping circles in the sand around Trav's body, jumping up and down to shake off the shock of the pain. "Stomp a hole in her ass until she's a slipper and then I'm gonna kick a field goal with her head! I'm gonna..."

Jerry wobbled.

"Fuck, dude. Let's find somewhere to lay down. I'm tired.

((Jerry Fury, continued elsewhere))
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