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Fiyori flashed him a smile when he asked. Technically true, someone did hurt her. However, lamenting her hurt feelings would be cruel to those who lost more. Especially standing before Brendan, who did lose something important of his body.

"I'm good. No one got to me yet."

It would have been - maybe or maybe not - a good moment for Fiyori to tell her story. It wasn't much, in hindsight, that has really happened. Fiyori could describe the last five days in less than five sentences. Regardless, Fiyori decided that it was her turn to ask a question. She looked over to Alba. She had wanted the girl to answer too, for the sake of clarity. But Fiyori figured that she'd listen anyway.

With her hands motioning at Brendan's shoulder, she asked, "So, what happened?" and she hoped he'd realize, that it was more than his injury that she meant.
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