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Somehow, the sound of the gun still managed to surprise him.

The bullet travelled through the air, the bullet hit its mark, the bullet pierced itself through Junko’s body, but the only thing he noticed was the noise. The ringing. The sound that went over everything else that could have possibly reached his ears. The sound that defeaned him as it went through them, leaving only the ringing behind. It surprised him. It shouldn’t have. He had heard it before. At the beach. With Danny and Irene. They’d talked with each other, back then. About things that he couldn’t remember. The gun had fired. The other two had freaked out. They had gone off their own ways. He’d gone on his. That was all back then. Back when he had woken up. Back when he had failed to take this seriously. Back when he had joked with them on the beach.

Back when both of them had still been alive.

...Ha. Back then.

The bullet had hit it’s mark. Junko had fallen. He hadn’t seen where she had fallen. He hadn’t heard the thud. His body - his hands in the air and his chest and stomach tightened up - also fell. All he could hear was the ringing. All he could see was the ceiling of the room above him.

He was alive.

He could breathe.

There was a whole world he knew, of people out there. People fighting. People killing. His friends were out there, he knew that. He knew what he had just done. He knew that he had fucked up. Killed his friend. He knew that everyone would hate him for it. He knew that they’d turn on him. He knew that everything would be different for him, from there on out. He knew that everything would be worse, from there on out.

But he could forget about that, for a moment.

He was exhausted. He couldn't move. He needed to breathe.

That's what mattered right now.

A voice called out his name.

The person had asked him a question. Jeremy knew the answer to it. He knew the other person did, as well. It was sorta pointless, answering.

He had looked up - into the other person’s eyes - for a moment. Maybe slightly longer than that. He didn’t know.

And then his head went back down, breathing out as he began to stare at the ceiling again.
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