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Alba was asking him how he was feeling. He still felt like he wasn't feeling that great. He was feeling sore, numb, panicky on the inside, exhausted and slightly woozy. He felt like he was about to pass out. He hadn't been able to sleep, drink and eat properly. He had to tell Alba that he was not okay. Right?

"Alba, thank you for taking care of me. I-"

He got distracted by Fiyori suddenly hugged him. It took him by surprise. He never thought that she would have done that. He wanted to do the same. Hug her back with his good arm. But she pulled away before he even had a chance to react. He felt a little sad when she did. But it was okay. She was here. And he needed to ask her how she was doing.

"S-So...." He paused for a while and he cleared his throat, biting his lower lip lightly. "Are you okay, Fiyori? No one hurt you, did they?"

He wondered if she would ask him about Jerry or Bernadette. If she wanted to talk about them, then he would try to explain himself about the both of them.
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