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Kimiko didn't enjoy the fact she was being asked so many questions. It meant she had to figure out how to communicate each time. In the end she settled for a mixture between the charades and the way she had communicated with Enzo for words that couldn't easily be summed up in a quick action. It left her tone clipped and sentences short and disjointed but it was better than nothing.

"Tired from fighting. No benefit."

She carefully watched Nancy as she spelt out the words. This wasn't like Enzo who was happy to give her as long as she needed. What Kimiko wouldn't have given for a piece of paper and a pen. The second part of her little speech was the part most likely to get her in trouble and provoke a reaction, but it was also the key part of her plan. If Nancy reacted positively and relaxed then it meant she could continue. If not...if she didn't react well Kimiko would cut her losses and run.

"Better to work together or leave each other be."
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