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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Timeskip approved))

"And the woman said-" Noah began, before taking a sip of water from the bottle.

He then slowly opened his mouth and let the water drip down his chin. He then wiped the water off his chin.

"Thank you, thank you," Noah said to the camera in the corner of the room. "That one was a little gross, but if you're watching all this shit, you've probably seen worse content already."

Since Noah gave Hannah space, he spent his time napping, snacking on crackers, doing stretches, and for the last hour, told more jokes to the camera. He dove deep into the joke database in his mind to figure out what to tell. This ranged from word play to knock-knock jokes to monologues from his open mic performances. It was a nice enough distraction, but there came a point where it was clear it was just a distraction. He wasn't feeling as sick as before, so it had served its purpose.

What little light there was seemed to indicate that it was almost sunset. He decided to go see how Hannah was doing. Noah grabbed Sawlaska and walked out of the ward. He went across the hall to where Hannah was, then knocked on the door.

"Hey, Hannah," Noah said. "You doing okay?"
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