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Nancy was right, she wasn't here to make friends. But as long as Nancy didn't know that she could use it to her advantage. Nancy did give her an idea however, a way to defuse the situation and give her something she could work with.

She nodded at Nancy's assertion that could kill each other fairly easily, Nancy even moreso. Kimiko kept her hands up where Nancy could see them before shrugging the nodachi off her shoulder. It would have been useless anyway. The tantō she kept in her hand but kept it held up, of no real use if Nancy decided to shoot her.

Kimiko lowered her other hand slightly and wobbled it while mouthing the word friends. She pointed to herself and then Nancy, mouthing another word.


Kimiko waited and resisted the urge to wipe the sweat away from her forehead. She was only going to get one chance to pull her plan off and she needed to make sure that she did everything right.

So now all she needed to do was do everything right.
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