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The girl seemed okay. Well, she was doing fine for someone that got tased and crashed to the ground.

''I'm not having a great day or week for that matter.''

She squeezed her teeth together, feeling the pressure building up in her gum. She was reminded that she didn't brush her teeth for a while now and it felt like the bacterias were festering inside of her mouth. She rubbed her tongue against her teeth in a way to feel more clean but to no avail.

She didn't really know what to do other than to stare the other girl. She thought about their relationship before the island, it wasn't perfect but nothing like a rivalry or an antecedent of a fight.

She wanted to apologize again but she didn't feel like repeating herself, again. She wasn't a broken record, or she wish she wasn't.

Dot found the perfect idea for a small talk.

''So, what's your favorite color? Mine's pink.''
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