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It had been more shock - quite literally - than damage that caused Lucilly's brief moment of pain. At the very least, she concluded as such.

Her head was removed from the floor, that is, Lucilly lifted it up. She had a few troubles indeed to lift the rest of her body, but with a few sighs and aches and a very concerned-looking Dorothy looking on, she managed to stand on her two feet again.

She rested her hand on the spot on her chest where Dorothy struck. The physical sensation caused her a slight bit of discomfort, but it was nothing to invade hell for.

"I am good, thank you very much."

As tazing people, however, was one of the lesser known icebreakers - and rightly so, for most conversation dropped dead when electric currents were involved - Lucilly found herself speechless. The art of small talk had been inappropriate to use where they were, but for the lack of better options, Lucilly engaged.

"I hope you are just as fine."
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