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Alright, Nancy got it this time. She lowered the gun slightly, but still kept it at the ready.

"S-So... so what?" was all she said.

Nancy could have just shot Kimiko, of course. At this distance, there was no way to miss.

But then again, at this distance, Kimiko could just as easily slash at her and everything. She had to... find a way to make her loosen her grip on that weapon.

"I'm guessing you're not here to make friends, are you?"

It was a stupid question, but if she could keep Kimiko's focus away from the sword, maybe she could get out of this situation.

"So what is it? You're here now, so what do you want?" she continued, "I don't think I have to say this, but if you try to kill me, I'll do the same to you."
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