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Nancy was getting agitated. That would only be bad for her. Kimiko took a quick step back and kept her hands raised. She didn't want to fight but she didn't want Nancy to think she had the upper-hand too much either because she had killed multiple times and Kimiko didn't want a repeat of what had happened with Isabel.

Again Nancy asked her a question. Kimiko had repeat what she had originally tried to say to her, which wasn't something she liked doing at the best of times. People not understanding her was something she hated, she understood it was difficult but some people didn't try and then treated it like it was her problem. Kimiko bit her lip as she thought about what to do but the answer found her quickly. Yet again she was going to be forced to play charades.

She pointed at herself while mouthing the words. "I."

Tapped her ear. "Heard."

Pointed at Nancy. "You."

Slapped on hand onto the other in a falling motion. "Fall."

"I heard you fall."

Nothing aggressive or anything that could be taken as a slight and it would take too long to explain to Nancy that the fact it was her specifically meant nothing. It meant something now that Kimiko knew it was her though. It had meant that she had a chance to get a gun, although the chances of that were looking slim now that she had discovered Nancy was conscious. Conscious and cornered. The most dangerous place for an animal to be, and Kimiko wasn't deceiving herself. Nancy was an animal, just like Isabel. So she needed to be careful in her interactions and movements. She needed to defuse the situation.
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