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When he had kicked Michael in the face he had hoped that Michael would fuck off after, but of course not! And now he was screaming shit aga... Darius? He's being a fucking nuisance like this because of fucking Darius?! Fine then, Will decided he was going to send him to hell as well, keep Darius in company.

The screeches coming from him were unbearable and so were the shocks. 1, 2 before he shifted over to Alex, back and forth. 1, 2.

It hurt like hell, but he was not going to give Michael the satisfaction, far from it. He was going to ruin his day.

He felt Alex release his grip and heard him roll away. This was his opportunity. Ignoring the shocks the best he could, he got up to his feet, mustered up his strength; yelled as loudly as he could. "Fuck your cock of justice" As he sprinted towards him as fast as possible, with a kick aimed right for the dick. Two could play at that game.
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