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Hannah wasn't entirely sure she was okay with being alone, but she couldn't say that. If Noah needed time to himself, then she could understand that. She'd had enough of being alone though. The time she'd spent by herself had been so nerve-wracking, and it was nice to have someone around. She remembered what it felt like to scream into the sound of only the wind and rain. It had been horrifying.

She let out a short giggle at the joke. It was a reflex. It was obvious that he was trying to tell a joke, and she responded like she should. It made things easier. Paltry. She knew it meant something was like, small, or unimportant. Something like that.

She sat down on the bed and thought. What would she say to her parents? She was thinking about saying something. She wasn't sure they would watch any of it. She kind of hoped they wouldn't. But if they did and she never even acknowledged them, that could hurt too, couldn't it?

She wiped her forehead absently.


"It sounds like poultry."

She felt a stupid grin on her face, before she laughed again, in earnest this time.
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