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They greeted her. Fiyori wasn't sure how to continue. There weren't a lot of options that would be fitting in any way to carry on this conversation. Something she should have thought about beforehand, perhaps. Briefly, Fiyori thought about making a joke. About making the - turning the mood a bit lighter. Brendan was shirtless - clearly wounded by the look of the fresh bandages - but still shirtless with a girl. Fiyori thought about making a flirty comment.

She resigned that thought, though. She wasn't in the mood for such jest. Not anymore.

"I am... not dead."

She paused another moment. It might have been the polite thing to wait now. To wait for them to properly invite her into the room, but Fiyori didn't hesitate and simply strut towards the pair.

"And I guess that's good enough for now."

Fiyori tried to catch Brendan's eyes. See what they spoke, see what those eyes could tell her. If it was a message like 'I am sorry' or message like 'I hate you'. Or maybe like a message of 'I was right'.
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