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Brendan glanced back up again to watch Alba bandage up his wound. He was trying to breath through his nose slowly. He didn't want to continue letting out a few more whimpers and choked back sobs. He didn't want to look like he needed more protection from Alba at that moment. He wanted to more brave. More calm. More rational about things before he did them.

"We.... We could use this place as a hideout instead, I guess. We just need to be more careful this time. Make sure that we don't run into the wrong people again. That will be hard to do but we have to try. Right?" He suggested to her quietly and his expression softened when Alba sounded like she was blaming herself for him getting hurt. "H-Hey, what happened to me was not your fault, Alba. It was Jae's. He made that choice to shoot at me."

Brendan flinched when he heard someone knocking. Then he recognized the voice that spoke to them. Brendan turned his head towards the direction of the voice. His heart almost jumped out of his skin. He never thought that he would see her.


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