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[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Love Is A Fridge]]

It had - when she heard it - come as a shock. Bernadette died. She... just stopped living. She was somewhere, on this island. She was somewhere, and then she just wasn't anymore. So close to Fiyori. And yet what had Fiyori done? What could she have done?

What stung more, perhaps, was to know who it was who killed her. Brendan had already been mentioned in the announcements before, quite prominently in fact. But Fiyori's vision was clouded, and so was her mind. She put it to the back of it, and only the newest announcement had brought it back to the front.

That, and perhaps the little fact that she was about to stand before the boy himself.

It wasn't Fiyori's decision to sneak up on them, or something. It wasn't as such at all. She was careful to tread, of course, as careful as she could be. She opened the door to the lounge and kept to the wall. Fiyori got a good look at Brendan - who was engrossed in his pain - and Alba - who was engrossed in the very same. As far as Fiyori could tell, in any case. Had she decided to reveal herself or not, Fiyori guessed, the two would have noticed her.

Politeness, however, required Fiyori to make note of her self first.

She gave the wall four knocks. Each one softer than the one before.

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