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Kizi smiled. This girl seemed nice. Kizi doubted one of the players would have attacked - their little trio would have the upper hand, of greater cover and weapons and numbers, if things kicked off. Kizi, however, didn't need to linger much on those hard-headed and unsentimental strategising. It was clear the newcomer did not warrant such callousness. Kizi gave her all the tokens of politeness that came naturally to her: grimaced in solidarity at the mention of butt pain, stepped to the side slightly so not to conceal her companions, smiled gregariously.

She was the girl who was looking for the bags. Kizi smiled, and nodded, and upon hearing the newcomer get the numbers down right, she stepped away, and pulled one of them into view, dragging it across the floor. She felt a bit lethargic, after having balanced all three of the bulky items at once. She could afford to cut corners. "There's two more right here, too."

And before she could extend an invitation, Clarice had done so. "Oh, of course!" Hospitality was second nature to her. She didn't need to be told that by Clarice, of all people. "Please, come in! If you want, of course."
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