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It was really excruciatingly painful as Alba pressed the alcohol pad against his bleeding wound. He was let out some pathetic whimpers and he was trying to stop himself from bawling like a big baby. He really did feel so worthless. He was grateful about Alba helping him out. He really did owe her so much for being there for him and for protecting him from Jae. He had been scared that if he had tried to leave her, then she could have ended up dead. But she was here. Alive and well. But for how long would they been able to survive this? He had no idea. But they had to try. They had to try and find their friends again. And just attempt to continue on living.

"Aaaaah.... F-Fu.... I-It's too much, Alba...."

He felt a tear roll down his cheek. He felt like things would get worse for the both of them as they could carry on for however long they would. He sniffed a little and he avoided looking into Alba's eyes. He just peered down at the ground, still breathing very sluggishly.

"W-Why did he...?"

Because he despises you, Brendan.

Their Time Is gone

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