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((Jordan Green continued from If You Had My Love))

"I can kinda see that. He was trying to do what he believed in. I mean that's why it's a tragedy after all, when two things that are right meet in contradiction."

Jordan was sitting on one of the tables, back leaning against some of the equipment. Some of it was familiar in a way, like some of the devices they used backstage, but like Vanessa (had it been Vanessa?) had told them none of it was working.

"But even if the circumstances lead to it, I think people have the chance and the choice to change, and Valjean had given him both. But at the end he really couldn't handle it, could he? That the world was more complex than he ever thought it was."

He let his legs swing under the table.

Jeremy wasn't here yet.

That was unnerving in it's own way. He'd said he'd be here but every moment that past made that seem all the more unlikely.

"I don't know, it's hard for me to really sympathise I guess."

He paused, thinking a little harder about what he was saying.

"Besides, he's a spoilsport." Jordan declared, standing up to punctuate his statement, as if that was all that really needed to be said.
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