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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Oh so we're doing this, then!?" Jerry had shouted, retrieving the switchblade from his pocket as Cass made a bold approach. "Come and get some you cu-WAAAAAAAAAAUUUGH!"

Cass's fist crunching into Jerry's pre-broken nose (instant pain - just add fist!) sent the boy howling into an absolute fit. The switchblade caught something of Cass's but by whatever powers that be, it just wasn't enough of a trade to make it worth it. Screaming into the hand that cupped around his nose and mouth, Jerry fell to his knees and plunged the switchblade's end into the sand over and over.

After thoroughly killing the beach with his knife and screaming muffled obscenities into his blood-soaked fist for a solid twenty seconds, the boy finally had the wherewithal to rouse himself from the pangs of agony shooting up his nose directly into his brain, enough to throw his daypack open and scatter the contents onto the reddened sand. While one hand, white at the knuckles, squeezed the handle of the switchblade like it held off the weight of the world, he swatted at his pants with the other before opening the first aid kit.

The cotton balls were his target, and one had been ripped in half and shoved up each of his nostrils as fast as possible. "Where were you on that one, asshole!?" Jerry screamed, ostensibly at Matt but not really directed anywhere in his direction. "Fuck... do you know how to reset a nose? I do but..."

Man, he didn't want to have to do that. That shit hurt. It hurt like HELL.
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