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Can you hear me?
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All of Junko’s focus was on the bat, and the sight of it crashing down onto his chest, the sound of it hitting flesh. That was the only thing she could think of. It felt like the bat was not moving quickly enough. Too slow. That was irritating, on top of all the other irritating shit. Why was it so slow?

But she did see Jeremy move. Saw Jeremy pick something up. It looked metallic, or something? But it was in the backlog of everything else. She didn’t pay attention. Instead, the bat went down another time.

Suddenly, a cracking noise happened. Fireworks? No, too close. And her chest hurt-


Oh fuck.

She’d forgotten Jeremy had a gun, didn’t she?

The bat slid out of her fingers. She felt dizzy, and breathing was hard. Junko made another noise. She had no damn clue if that was nervous laughter or something else entirely either. Just that, holy shit, he’d shot her. Maybe she’d underestimated him, kinda. Maybe he was just waiting for the right moment.

She fell to her knees, making a coughing noise as she did so. Her mouth tasted like copper. Junko reached up, clutching her hand to her chest. Somewhere, under her favorite hoodie, the one that’d been through all sorts of hell, there was a slowly forming warm, wet spot. He really did. He’d shot her.

Then, she fell to her side.

This was it, then? Well, not like Junko believed in an afterlife. Never really cared, to be honest. Whenever that came up, she’d always thought it was better to worry about stuff that was happening now, rather than some reward she was supposed to get in, dunno, Heaven or something.

It didn’t hurt though, did it? The wound, she meant. Endorphins, adrenaline, they were probs doing their job numbing it. It felt like he’d just hit her with a fist, instead of shooting her. But he did. She’d seen it, heard it, felt it. In fact, it felt like those little things that buzzed around your body, that dulled pain a bit, that she’d been craving her entire life, were working overtime right now.

Was it weird to say it felt nice?

Probs, yeah. Nobody enjoys getting murdered. But Junko did feel… well, giddy. It was a stronger high than any weed, hell, any adrenaline rush she’d gotten. It reminded her of what it felt like to run an event during track, or to get some air when rollerblading, or learning how to vault properly. Hell, she even felt a bit of it when she started playing horror games about haunted animatronics. Only this was stronger. More intense. Maybe that was why she wasn't freaking out.

She didn’t know if Jeremy was still here. If he’d gotten away, if he was preparing to shoot again, or what. He probably was, though.

No hard feelings, to be honest. As much as she wanted to, y’know, live, at least she went down fighting. Just like she wanted.

Junko lifted one arm, and raised her head some. She was smiling. It seemed like the most blissful smile she’d ever given someone. Her bloodstained hand became a thumbs up. Then, it loosened and lowered.

She closed her eyes.

Then, she stopped moving.

Some people would call this a tragedy. However, for someone like Junko Kurosawa? You couldn’t have anything better.

Female Student #G041 Junko Kurosawa- ELIMINATED

Coming to a V7 near you.
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