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((Posting because of low activity and to leave the thread.))

Jonathan sat and stared at Darius' corpse for what seemed like forever.

This happened because he left.

He left Barry, he left Darius, he left Clandice...

He... He left them all. He was the one who was gonna come up with some sort of escape? He couldn't even function on this island without someone else, and here he was, abandoning everyone, feeling the repercussions for it. He deserved it.

Announcements clicked in.

Alvaro and Nancy killed more people. New names were heard. Will Mckinley was the one who shot Darius...

That wasn't what got him though. Those two things were different.

One, Brendan had killed again. Not long after he left him alone again, and Brendan had killed again. Number two, was Taranis. She lit herself on fire or something to escape from the game.

This wasn't just on him anymore. Brendan promised him that he had the right intentions, that he'd help. He got scared over a body, yet he's somehow able to kill two people? Where was Alba when it happened? Did they split up, did she just watch him do it? It had to take a lot of force to push someone to kill them. Thoughts of Alvaro and Barry filled his head.

Brendan lied to him. That was that.

He trusted him, and he lied. He gave him a jacket, and some kind words before he left to kill someone. If he found him again, would he pretend to be innocent again? Would he just lie right to his face again? What if he knew who that girl was! What if she was Nancy, and Brendan knew! What if he did that, just so he could get Michael killed!

What if Jonathan actually gave his life like Tara, what if he lit the bar on fire so someone would see a signal? Who'd go home? People like Alvaro? People like Brendan? What would they do? Go on the Ellen show and cry, pretend they didn't have a choice?!

They had a choice. If they all worked together, they could've left, but they've made their bed. They deserve to be here.


Jonathan knew his own flaws. He was a leech. He pretended to be a leader, but he wanted everyone to do the work for him. He deserved this as much as they did. He was lazy, if he cared enough, he could've did something. Barry didn't have to die. It should've been him. If Barry lived, the rest could've made it out, and all these atrocities? They wouldn't have happened.

It was too late for that though.

WE deserved to be here. WE deserved it for not caring enough. WE deserved it for not trying hard enough.

Jonathan gave up. He took Darius' jacket, and covered his corpse with it.

He walked outside.

Another atrocity. Junko was someone Jonathan would've called a friend. He remembered the anti-Sadie party. The one Darius' ruined. Jonathan wouldn't admit it, but it still was pretty funny.

Junko was beating into Jeremy, just wailing on him with the bat. Jonathan would've yelled at her. Demanded she stopped.

He didn't.

He looked away. He walked away.

((Jonathan Gulley continued elsewhere.))
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