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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Great. Glad we can commit to lethargy as a form of protest," Noah said.

Noah stood up, stretching his back and stretching his free arm over his head.

"I'm gonna go back in my cell," he told Hannah. "I'll barricade it, but come knocking if you need me for anything."

Noah started to walk back to the door, but then paused. Hannah was upset, and surely she could use a laugh. It was the best currency he had to offer right now, and hopefully she'd appreciate it.

"Hey," he began, "did you hear about the chicken who always held grudges no matter what? He's said to be paltry."

Noah stretched out the word "paltry" in hopes Hannah got a good score on her SATs and could understand the word play at hand. Even if she didn't, she could at least spend her down time trying to figure out what his deal was.

Noah walked over to his ward and closed the door. He then stuck a chair under the handle and plopped face down on the bed, letting Sawlaska fall to the ground. He let out a sigh into the blanket. He thought to himself that this sabbatical better pay off for him and for Hannah. If not, he'd have words against whoever would ruin it for them.
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