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Hannah wasn't sure what to say. She really needed to find Olivia, but she was just so tired. And it was all so demoralizing. How would she find her at this point? She would probably fail at this point anyway. It all felt so hopeless. She wanted to think she could do better next time, but she didn't know if that was true. And it really felt like it wasn't. She'd circled the island looking for Irene and hadn't seen a glimpse of her.

She turned back towards Noah, and took in a sharp breath as her ankle protested. She wasn't sure what she'd try to say to parents or friends back home, or anyone else. Maybe she'd think of something. She did know she could use some rest, and just a chance not to be so frantic like she had been the last few days.

Besides Noah didn't seem eager to jump on her for messing up. She couldn't waste that.

She gave a weak smile.

"Yeah, yeah, downtime works."
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