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So this was how it ended.

For a moment, Jeremy thought he had her.

And for a moment, Jeremy thought he had been able to make her stop.

And then there was another crack as the bat came down once again and smashed against his chest.

It didn’t work.

Talking hadn’t worked.

The bat had come down again and again and nothing he could say could stop it. He knew that now. Maybe he didn’t know why, maybe he didn’t know what he had done, but at the very least he knew the consequences, now. He was going to die. The bat was just going to hit him again and again until there was nothing left to hit. Junko was going to go off and do something after, he didn’t know what. The game would end and only one person would be left standing and although he didn’t know who it would be the one thing he knew for certain was that the person deemed the Fittest wasn’t going to be him.

Jeremy Frasier. 0% chance of winning the game.


At least he knew it was coming, he supposed.

Because yeah. It sucked. Dying wasn’t fun. It was dull and it was painful and the hits of the bat lingered on his skin but he supposed he at least saw it coming? His friends and the people who cared about him would lose him but maybe they were like him too and they saw it coming and-



No no no no no what was he thinking? No. He couldn’t. He couldn’t die here. There were people and a list that he had to fulfill and people who were out there probably looking for him and he couldn’t just let it all end here. No. He wouldn’t let it. He had to do something. He had to get away. His arm went out, trying to find something to grab and he needed to think he needed to figure out a way to stop her and he

Found a giant revolver.

Just sitting there on the ground.

He looked up at Junko. Met her eyes.

...He couldn’t do it.

She was his friend.

He couldn’t kill her, couldn’t he?

But there was nothing else. He couldn’t think of anything. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t fight, otherwise. He was dead in the water. He was gone.

But he couldn’t die. There were still things he had to do. There were people out there. His friends. His… other people. He had to find them. He had to give himself that closure.

He had to live.

His hand was reaching out. Touching the gun.

The bat went down again.

There wasn’t a choice.

He clenched his hand. Lifted his arm.

Looked away from her eyes.

Pulled the trigger.
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