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Cicada Days
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Something to awkwardly look at. Skin the pale reflection of television pixels, dimly blue eyes likewise the rolling of film stock into the wasted passage of time. Her body delineated for a moment, a vague shadow that existed in the five senses as a blur before the trepidation of carefully languid eyes slid towards the room's couch, yet actually unused by the approximate flesh of man 'til that moment.

The girl had set the air to motion with a quick back and forth of a friendly gesture, perhaps friendly at least, but Tina hadn't the time to respond.

She made do with what was still left in the two rusty, smelly cogs worth of her short term memory. She nodded.

Elsewhere a million stumbles worth of miles away Tina remembered she had a voice. It was the creak of a tightly locked, cobwebbed safe. Slowly pried open through concerted effort.

"Yeah. Cochise 2015."


Eternity was encapsulated in a seconds worth of the phlegm in Tina's throat corroding away with a heftily pathetic cough.

"The windows on the bus... wrong. Artificially sealed... I noticed it. Didn't say anything."

It was an announcement without purpose or a recollection without moral.
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