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Junko slammed the bat into him another time. Then another. Yet another. Another still. She lost count. It seemed like a slower rhythm than the blood rushing in her ears. And yet, she kept going.

But eventually, he said something.

Junko. Stop this. Please.

For a moment, the bat stopped. Junko’s blood was still pumping and burning under her skin. But he- Jeremy- had looked her in the eye. He seemed genuinely afraid, shocked even. Well, this is what he wanted, didn’t he? Someone who’d… who’d… finish the job. No, was that what she wanted? But…

The bat, for a second, seemed foreign, like a limb grafted on to her body where it shouldn’t. But it soon felt just as familiar as it did before. She shook her head.

"I can’t… you should…”

Her voice came out quiet, almost embarrassingly meek. But her blood rate went up again. It felt like some sort of strange track event.


Junko shook her head again. Her mouth curled even more. Her eyes, still hidden behind her sunglasses, grew misty. She made a noise. Laughter? A whimper? Who knows? That familiar feeling of adrenaline, it was difficult to let herself calm down. But she couldn’t. Didn’t want to. It was what seemed natural. That bloodrush, that’d been with her for most of her life. It seemed more comfortable than dealing with the reality in front of her.

Jeremy’s reluctance to fight back only made it worse. He was still acting moralistic. He'd given up, then. He wasn't even going to fight back. He wasn't going to do something, even crawl away. She hated him. A small voice in the back of her head told her that was horrible, but she pushed it away. She hated how he made her feel this way.

"No," she repeated.

Her lips curled further. The blood continued rushing. Junko, even in her rage, was aware of her loud breathing.


Her grip on the bat was like a vice.

"Watch this!"

The bat swung down another time.

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