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Matt felt as though he should be feeling sympathy for Cass. He wasn't feeling much - hungry, certainly - but emotionally he couldn't muster up anything. Trav attacked Jerry because Jerry couldn't talk his way out of a wet paper bag, which somehow made Trav more of a ratfuck meathead than Jerry. Trav tried to kill someone and he got the 9mm treatment as a reward. Matt wasn't unsympathetic to Trav and Cass because he gave much of a shit about Jerry - quite the opposite, what happened to Jerry at the end of the day was basically an inconvenience to him and he was only with him because it was preferable to being alone - he was unsympathetic because Trav wasn't the victim. It was self-defense.

He bent down to pick up the gun. Empty, but he could still point it at people or hit someone with it. And hey, having a gun, empty or not, made him feel powerful.

"Yeah, let it go. You're in the wrong here. Trav tried to fuckin' kill someone." spat Matt.
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