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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Oh, cut it out," Jerry said bitterly, rummaging through his pack and producing the tin of crackers from it. The lid came off quite easily, and he tossed it into the back before jostling it back behind his shoulder. He dipped his finger into the tin and pulled out two crackers together, jamming the treats in his mouth. Chewing somewhat loudly, he didn't bother waiting to swallow all of the food in his mouth before talking, spitting out some crumbs as he did. "I'm ti-uhd of people puh-tendin' that I'm da bad guy."

Ugh, that even grossed him out. Jerry swallowed before continuing, but he had the next cracker ready between his thumb and forefinger.

"Trav would've killed me!" Jerry wiped his upper lip with his forearm again but that was already slimy, so he tucked his chin in close to his shoulder to use the top part of his sleeve. He kept an eye on Cass, just to make sure they didn't do anything too drastic. "Would you be pussing out like this if he killed me? Nah. Of course not. You don't give a shit."

Jerry munched on the cracker in his hand but didn't bother pulling out another. He just held the tin by its open top with his left hand, looking at Cass's feet. Looked like running away was probably a thing that was going to be happening soon but, unlike at the radio tower, it wasn't going to be him. "But Jerry, you might say to yourself!" Jerry still spat some crumb remnants tucked between his lips and teeth, but at least he had waited to swallow this time, a task that was a little easier when eating crackers one at a time. "You killed Toby! That's why he attacked you! You're the bad guy! You're an evil, bad bad evil guy!"

He dipped his hand into his pocket and started making motions towards Cass.

"I'm done waiting to be attacked! Leave the bags, or I'm fucking stabbing you! Don't think you can outrun me!"
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