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His body hit the floor. His breath caught and stayed in his throat and the room was around him and he didn’t know what happened why did he hurt why was he on the floor and-

The second strike hit.

The third.

The fourth.

And it spiked and it hurt and the fifth and he didn’t know what was happening what had happened what was going to happen and there was a room around him and a person above him and the person was above him and he had to see them and it was-


His friend.

The person he finally found.

The person attacking him.

He didn’t know why. He didn’t know what he did. He didn’t know what she’d done.

But she was his friend.

Maybe he could talk to her.

Maybe he could stop this.

The sixth went down. His hand went up. There was a creak and a crack as the bat stopped.


He looked her in the eyes.

“Stop it.”

A pause.

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