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[[Lucilly Peterson, continued from The Greatest Sideshow on Earth]]

Thirty feet.

It had been an estimation. A guess, arisen from no conscious thought pondered by a mind marked with the blessings of geometrical understanding, but from an entirely random and stray crossing in Lucilly's brain. It was an odd number in her head, and though she had plenty reason not to trust her own head she did nonetheless.

Regardless, the essence of the matter at hand, the answer to the question that truly was important: would she die if she were to jump?

Yes, yes she would.

Lucilly thought about jumping, in the sense that she felt about jumping. She felt the ground slipping under her and she felt her skull shattering as it hit the watery ground. Oh god, she could see. She could see it. She could see her neck and she could see her spine and the blood and all that was her diffusing with the dark ocean.

Lucilly grasped, and found a fence. She would not jump.

She would, however, take a step. A wrong step perhaps, or knowing what would come the correct step after all. Either way, Lucilly did something, and then she did slip after all.

Then it was white for a moment. And then it was black.

It stayed black, even though Lucilly was walking once again.

[[Lucilly Peterson continued in a dr34m come true]]
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