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((Alba Reyes and Brendan Harte continued from The Scarlet Garden))

((All GMing in this thread approved))

"Okay, put your hands on my shoulders," Alba said to Brendan. "Keep a tight grip."

She slowly inhaled and exhaled as Brendan put his arms in place. Alba had only seen something like this in a movie before, so she prayed it was applicable to this situation. Either way, they didn't have much options. They didn't have many medical supplies with them, and the arrow in Brendan's shoulder had to come out somehow.

"Okay," Alba said, putting her left hand on Brendan's shoulder and her right on the arrow. "I'll count to three, then pull. Just...let me know if it's too much."

Alba closed her eyes and exhaled again. She could feel Brendan's grip tightening on her shoulders. She clutched the arrow harder.

"Right. Here we go," Alba said, bouncing a bit in her seat. "1..."

She closed her eyes briefly.


She opened them up and stared at Brendan directly.


Alba pulled as hard as she could, keeping a tight grip on both the arrow and Brendan's shoulder. It took a lot more force than she expected, but she somehow managed to get the arrow out. She let out a loud gasp when it did, wincing as she heard Brendan cry out. She could see blood pouring out of the wound and down his shirt. Alba let out a few more heavy breaths, then looked at the arrow in her hand.

"Okay! That's out. Get your shirt off so we can stop the bleeding."

Alba threw the arrow to the floor beside her and reached for the first aid kit. She began to rifle through the items to find what would probably help Brendan the most. Her first aid knowledge was limited to animals, so in theory, plugging an arrow wound would be the same as that.

They had run to the Staff Lounge after escaping the gardens. They merely ran inside the asylum and looked for the first open room where they could sit and work. Alba was at least glad they weren't pursued. She still had no idea how to use the rifle, and she wasn't sure if Brendan was in any condition to fight if needed. Fortunately, they hadn't found anyone else and were able to get inside the lounge without any trouble.

Alba found the alcohol pads and bandages and looked to the now shirtless Brendan.

"Kay," she began. "This might hurt like hell, so just let me know if it's too much."

Alba prepared a pad and pressed it to Brendan's wound. From the sounds he made, it was definitely too much.
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