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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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"Little bird?"

Jasmine grinned like an idiot. Holy shit did she want to kiss the hell out of Kay. Caedyn seldom called her that, her 'little bird', but when she did it made Jasmine's heart sing. Was it strange that she wanted to kiss a killer? No way. That never stopped Kay, did it? Jasmine almost returned the sentiment, 'Kay-chan' was a pretty cute nickname, but she decided against it. This was serious business after all.

She'd totally kiss her after things calmed down though. Totally.

Kay told her that the problem was going to solve itself. Jasmine wasn't too sure about that. While she wanted to believe in Kay totally, absolutely, one-hundred-and-ten percent, there was part of her that thought about things rationally. Jae-kun wasn't looking too good, last she checked. Wasn't he limping? If someone was going to come out on top it was Alba and Brendan surely! And Caedyn had a gun, sure, but Alba did too. And Brendan... she didn't even know what he had!

Still, Caedyn's plan was the smartest move, nevermind it being Caitlyn's idea. Wait it out, see how things progress. Swoop in when the time was right. Jasmine was antsy though, bubbling with excitement. She hovered in the bushes, stooped on her haunches, rocking on the balls of her feet. Was it the adrenaline running in her veins? Or was she just happy to see Caedyn? It could be both -

Alba screamed.

Jasmine shot her head up. She squeezed Caedyn's arm.

"This is our chance."
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