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That...that was not how Kimiko wanted things to go. Now she had the new problem of being held at gunpoint by one of the top killers in the game. Kimiko expected Nancy's immediate reaction to be an attempt to shoot her. When no gunshot occurred she relaxed slightly but was still careful to stay on guard. It also meant she could attempt to get away without any need for violence as she was sure in her current state and given Nancy's possession of a gun, a fight would only end up going one way, unless she got extremely lucky.

So she took a step back and slowly raised her hands, she kept her grip on the tantō tight though, ensuring she would be able to defend herself if Nancy did decide to attack. The beat of her heart was fast and keeping its pace. One wrong move and she knew she would be taking a bullet.

An idea of how she could play things off appeared through the fog of Kimiko's mind and while it would only help her avoid getting immediately shot it was better than having no plan of action at all. She would have to try and come up with an exit strategy if she survived the next few moments.

After what felt like an eternity without any movement Kimiko moved her free hand to tap the back of her ear and then pointed at Nancy. She hoped the meaning was a clear 'I heard you' but there was no way to guarantee that.

Yet again she was left to wait in the hope that her meaning was understood. If she was understood, then she could figure out her next move.
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