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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba tried to keep a soft smile on her face as Brendan replied to Jae. Brendan was right about walking away from Jae if Jae was going to be so upset by their presence. They could go barricade inside the church like they had planned before. Alba nodded, and waited for Brendan to finish talking to Jae, explaining why he was alive and why the others weren't.

Alba smiled a bit more when Brendan said he was alive because he needed to for her sake. That was pretty romantic of him to say. If this was romance. Was it? She wasn't sure between the kiss and the chat in the church. Still, she couldn't help but love hearing him say something like that. She'd have to make sure that she had the chance to say something similar.

Her smile then disappeared completely. Alba's eyes widened as she saw something fly from the object Jae was holding. She turned and saw an arrow sticking out of Brendan's shoulder. Her mouth fell open as Brendan fell backwards. She let out a quick scream.

"Brendan!" she cried out.

She began to look back and forth from Brendan on the ground, blood starting to slightly pour out of the wound, and Jae by the tree. Alba gulped, then raised the rifle at Jae. She wasn't sure if she was ready to fire it, or if she could, but she needed to make good on the words she gave Brendan back in the church.

"D-d-don't! Don't do that again!" she blurted. "J-just go away or I-I'll shoot!"

Alba's hands were shaking as she pointed the rifle at Jae. She kept her gaze at Jae.

"Bren, if you can, run," she softly said to him. "Get out of here. I'll come after you. I promise."

Alba gulped again, fluttering her eyes to deal with the tears starting to form. This was the first time she was directly in danger since she arrived here. Bradley and Bernadette were cases that didn't directly threaten her, but this was a new scenario. She might have to decide whether or not Jae would live in a few moments, and the thought didn't stop her hands from shaking as she moved her finger to rest on the trigger.
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