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He glanced back at Trav's body - dead. He wasn't going to miraculously come back to life, that was certain, but he almost felt like it should've taken more to kill him. This was the man they'd been looking for, after all. Trav, the man, the myth, the soaked, bullet riddled corpse. So this was how someone's life could end, huh? All their trials, tribulations, and so on just leading up to this moment. Weird, painful, sudden. Kind of humorous, really, since Jerry did it. Toby didn't deserve it, as far as he was concerned, but this Trav guy's killing was definitely self-defense. So Jerry wasn't the most eloquent speaker, or maybe he just didn't think he could justify Toby's death and Trav decided to try and pick a fight with him because of that?

That was on Jerry, not on him.

He glanced back at Cass. She had decided to break down in tears and not really do much of anything. Great! No one else had to die today, at least not where he could see it. Been on Shitpiss island for five days and she was shedding tears over a prick like Travis. He kind of wanted to slap her and say 'get it together', but he felt like that'd just be a waste of time. She'd get over it. He slowly walked over to Trav's corpse, staring down at it. Yeah, still dead. Poor fucker just picked a fight with the wrong guy, he guessed.

"To the victor, uh, go the spoils, I guess. You want his stuff, Jerry?"

Kind of humorous. Yeah, that was this whole situation. A joke. A big joke.
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