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The squeal that came out of Lily’s mouth when Isabel grabbed her was… embarrassing. And Isabel was far too close now. Spending her time getting as uncomfortably close to Lily as she could. Lily wasn’t huge on contact at the best of times, and she was struggling to remember the last time she’d been this close to someone. Caedyn, maybe. She never thought she’d think this, but right now she would have given anything for even Caedyn to be there instead of Isabel.

Isabel talked. It was all lies. Lies, lies, lies. Or at least heavy delusions, if Isabel really thought that Conrad was a matter of practicality. Lily could have believed it, perhaps, if she hadn’t seen the mess that Isabel had left his corpse in.

And she admitted that there’d been no reason to kill Tina. Tina was just… just a casualty. A stepping stone. Tina was nothing to Isabel. Nothing except… except a bit of competition she wouldn’t have to deal with later.

Lily was shaking. She tried to make herself stop, but she couldn’t. The anger had been submerged by fear, and she wanted the anger back. At least the anger made her feel stronger. Not this shaky fear that left her drained.

“No. No, you don’t need to explain further,” Lily said. Her voice came out shaky and weak. “I… I understand.”

She wanted to push Isabel out of her space. She couldn’t. She didn’t dare move an inch. She just stayed curled up, trying to ignore the feel of Isabel's skin, trying to block out how close to her face Isabel was. She felt like if she moved, her words--or even her thoughts--might come spilling out.
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