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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Something was very wrong, Coleen could feel. Her vision had tunneled in during the struggle with the rifle, it went off several times and, in accord with the last burst of fire, Arthur slammed against the wall and dropped. Some distance between her and Alessio had opened up, enough to afford a look down to Arthur.

Arthur was bleeding, and badly. The bleed seeping out of him dispelled any notion that it was a wayward elbow or the recoil of the gun that caught him.

Alessio shot by, escaping view past the frame of the door. "NO!" Coleen blurted, stumbling and catching herself by the door's frame as well. By the time she oriented herself to look out of the room, Alessio was near to rounding a corner. Her blood was cooling too rapidly as a knot twisted in her chest, leaving her unable to scream the obscenities she had saved just for her friend's killer. Pent up and with nowhere else to direct it, her throat leaked a slow and drawn-out whine.

Arthur. Something was wrong with Arthur. Coleen doubled back and knelt, the gun resting on the floor between her knees and his side.

"Get up, man," Coleen croaked. "What- what even happened to you? W-walk it off, Arthur, I need you right now!"
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