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((Sandra Dyer continued from The Latest Story That I Know is the One That I'm Supposed to Go Out With.))

Sandra had been woken by the creaking of the stairwell, her eyes opened to see a small figure climbing the stairs. As her drowsiness slowly left, she realized it was Alice. Sandra slowly sat up, rubbing her eyes. She followed behind Alice, climbing the stairs.

She reached the top as Alice sat down next to Bryony. Sandra stayed back, and stayed silent. She let the wind blow around her, shivering a bit as it did. She took a deep breath, and stepped forward.

The speakers crackled to life.

And then that voice came again. Sandra listened. More people were dead. More names that she would vaguely register, that would pass by leaving a small sting in her heart as the memories of once-or-twice acquaintances would-

"Irene Djezari was too slow on the draw and paid for it when Alvaro Vacanti put a bullet in her."

Sandra's eyes widened. She didn't really her the rest of the announcement, really. Irene was dead. She was really...

"Irene, you idiot..." Sandra muttered. She knelt, pulling her bag in front of her. She sniffled, opening the bag up and pulling the pot lid out.

She felt so useless right now. People were dying. Her friends were dying and she felt so powerless. Oh, sure, she'd found a friend. A good friend, but that was only one of many.

Too many.

She stared at the pot lid. This useless thing she'd been carrying around for no reason. What good was this thing? If she'd had a proper weapon... maybe... maybe she would have actually been able to save someone. Maybe everything up until now would have been different.

Sandra stood up.

And with a shout filled with rage, she threw the lid off the side of the tower as hard as she could.
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