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He was stupid enough to look when the boy said his name. Looked behind him, as if there were any other Arthur in the room. By the time his eyes made it back to Coleen, the boy was already struggling to take the gun from her. She screamed at him to go, a voice so loud and shrill that it caught him in his tracks. Arthur watched the two struggle for a few moments, unable to will himself to move.

I couldn't move for Bradley either.

A shot rang out, firing into the roof of the closet. The sound brought him back to reality, clearing away any doubt he had about what he had to do.

She isn't Bradley. She won't die.

"Get off of her!" he shouted.

Arthur mustered up all of his courage, moving his legs beneath him and running forward to break the fight up. He'd push the boy to the ground and hit him across the face. Pistol whip him. Slam his head into the wall. Shoot him in the legs and watch him bleed out. Arthur didn't care who was watching. Nobody hurt the people close to him and got away with it. Tears of rage fumed at the corners of his eyes, water so hot it felt like it was boiling his skin off. Nothing like what the boy would feel.

He looked scared.

He should be.

Arthur knew there was no time for planning. He pulled his spear in front of him, pointed end ready to be refreshed with the taste of blood yet again. Straight at the boy's heart. Hopefully, it'd miss, and he'd have more time to-


The spear flew out of Arthur's hand, clanging against the walls of the closet. He face planted into the wall next to the door, smashing his nose sideways.

Arthur tried to move himself.

He couldn't.

His side was burning, and blood was starting to pool beneath him.
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