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((Alice Baker continued from The Latest Story That I Know is the One That I'm Supposed to Go Out With))

It was a beautiful moment, as she came up the stairs to a sunrise and her best friend. Alice smiled a little, watching Bryony from behind as she attempted to make conversation with a bird. The poor thing had been through so much, and yesterday only proved things would get worse for them.

It was funny how far she'd come in just a few days. Her survival had been something she took for granted. Then, in the first two days, she'd been so desperate to ensure it she'd been willing to throw away her relationships to go back home, hiding away. But now, she had come to a conclusion, that it was more important to be with the people you care about for a short time than to be alone for a long time.

She had wondered what that meant here, where her friends were endangered and so was she. But Alice wasn't going to worry about that for now.

"Hey." Quietly, she stepped forward to greet Bree. She sat down next to the other girl and looked at her, still smiling. "It's pretty, huh? The sunrise, I mean. Like a painting."
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