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Isabel gritted her teeth and stared at Lily with a look of malice.

How dare she say these things? Does she not have any understanding of the proper strategy in this game? Astrid could have been anyone, and more importantly she could have been someone dangerous. Had Isabel not attacked when she had the chance, the both of them could have been bloody smears on the ground. It was unfair to Astrid that she happened to be the victim of Isabel's perfectly logical decision.

And yet Lily went on and on, acting as if Isabel had done nothing but make the situation worse. She was doing what she needed to in order to survive. Did Lily not understand who had the power in this partnership of theirs?

Just as Isabel was about to raise her arm and shut Lily up herself, Lily stopped talking. A smirk formed on Isabel's lips as she saw the look of pure fear on Lily's face. She did understand who had the power. And hey, maybe forgiving someone who had just mouthed off to her would make her look more mature and reasonable to the people watching at home.

Isabel scooted closer to Lily and wrapped her arm around Lily's shoulders, smiling wider as she heard a small squeal of fear come out of her.

"Look, I'm not about to say that what you just said was nice, but..." She paused briefly, enjoying milking Lily's fear of her to full effect. "I guess I can let it slide. You probably don't even understand my decision making process!" She said, her tone blatantly sardonic. "So let me clear some things up for you..."

"For one, I don't kill everyone I come across. You're living proof of that." She said, gently waving the knife in the air. "For two, if I had waited, whoever the interloper was could have killed us both! Sure Astrid probably wasn't a threat in hindsight... but that's 20/20."

She paused briefly again, letting her words and the motions of the knife sink in. "For three, my killing has done wonders when it comes to making people afraid of me. And for the people that legitimately tried to hurt me because of my actions... well, one of them is my friend now..." Isabel nudged the side of Lily's head with her arm. "...and the other is dead."

"Finally, do you really think I don't carefully weigh all of my actions? Prepare for potential consequences? Let's go down the list, shall we?" Isabel smiled a toothy grin, before continuing. "Astrid was an accident, I only attacked her because she could have been a threat, like I've already said. Asha attacked me, and I killed her in self defense. Otherwise, she would have continued living just fine."

Isabel made little slicing motions in the air with the knife in front of Lily's face. "Sickle boy was an easy kill, what with him sitting on the edge of a building. He might have become a threat later, why leave things to chance?" Isabel nudged Lily again, more forcefully this time. "Danny was another case of self defense. He tried to take my weapons, so I killed him." Isabel placed a finger on her bottom lip, making a sarcastic thoughtful pose. "As for Conrad, his death was simple pragmatism. He was dead weight when I found him, and a liability had I let him follow me around."

Isabel quietly ignored the other parts of Conrad's death, instead just moving on as she absentmindedly examined her nails. "And well, that just leaves Tina. I guess I can say that she didn't really deserve it in hindsight, but at the time I was worried about getting the one kill I needed to leave. An opportunity presented itself, plain and simple. Oh, and at the very least she was a bit of competition that I wouldn't have to deal with later."

She leaned in further to Lily, gently making head to head contact, her arm holding Lily in place so she couldn't squirm away. "Does that clear up any misconceptions you had, sugar lumps?"

Isabel twirled the knife once in her hand. "Or do I need to explain further..."
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