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It hurt to be asked by someone who was angry at him why he was still alive. Why did it hurt him? He didn't know why. But he couldn't go back to being a babbling mess over why Jae clearly disliked him. Disliked was possibly the wrong word, maybe Jae always hated him. And that had always bothered Brendan.

Why are you still alive, Brendan?

He had a reason. It was Alba. He wanted to live as long as he could for her. She was defending him to Jae. He felt a bit happy about that. But he wished that he could defend himself. He needed to come out of his shell and try to calm Jae down somehow. But how? He had no idea what he could say to him.

He moved closer until he was pretty much beside Alba and he was focusing on Jae's reactions. He didn't want Jae to shoot as he thought that it wouldn't help the situation and it would only make things worse.

Say something!!

"....Alba. Let's just leave him alone. It's obvious that there is nothing I can say that will stop Jae from shooting at you or me. I don't want to be the target of his anger anymore." He whispered quietly to her in her ear and then he concentrated on looking at Jae again. "....Jae. I'm alive because I have to survive for Alba. Please understand."

He won't understand, will he?
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