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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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There it was. That giggle, that touch, those big hazel eyes trying to work out what they'd gotten themselves into. She didn't need to worry at all about coming back. Everything was right where it was supposed to be. As Jasmine looked up at her, she gave her a coy smile and leaned in next to her ear. "Not a thing, little bird," she whispered reassuringly. Her hand came up to squeeze on hers, before settling next to her on the tree with the gun in her lap.

"They're mad, they don't see us, and they're armed." Each fragment came with another brush of her fingertips across the back of Jazzy's hand. "Problem's gonna solve itself." From the sounds of things, that's how this was gonna play out. Jae popping off and shooting at somebody, Alba shooting back, Brendan probably pissing himself and curling up in the bushes. She frowned slightly at that thought. Hadn't his name come up a couple times? She'd never figured he'd have the guts. It must have been an accident, or a mistake. Crazy things were happening out here, but she'd believe Brendan was a cold-hearted killer about the same time she believed Bryony was coming to kill her for Bridgette. As easy to rile up as they were, it would have been a miracle if those two made it through graduation without slitting their wrists. Every second they stayed alive here was nothing but dumb luck.

Well everyone's luck was bound to run out eventually. Especially now that she had a way to help them along. If Min-Jae decided to start something with that pissy attitude of his, she felt like she and Jazzy had a pretty good chance of finishing it once the dust settled.
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