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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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By the time Coleen realized her error, it was already too late.

Stupid. So stupid.

She'd actually fallen for the crazed, mumbled ramblings of a boy who wore a loosened straitjacket and had murdered one of her closest friends. It was only for a fraction of a second, but it was the fraction of a second Alessio needed to make his move. She had time to sharply inhale and tuck the gun in, and then he had made impact.

"GO!" Coleen screamed at the top of her lungs, but it was a word without meaning. On the day she woke up, maybe even the day after, Arthur would have been the one in front, and she'd be shrieking behind him. That girl was still somewhere inside her, telling her to run. Save her own skin, leave Arthur to do the heavy lifting. Get out of here. Get out of this dangerous place.

Cameron told her something else, and so Coleen pushed back. Alessio's motions were frantic, however. To her, he was like a cornered animal: uncontrolled, impulsive, instinctual. It reminded her of a nearly feral dog chained up in one of the yards of her neighborhood as a young girl, who would always bite at anybody who walked past the fence. Or, maybe, it only growled and pulled at its chain for her. She never was with anybody else when walking by that yard.

She gave up seeking answers and tried to beckon on the trigger while leading the muzzle of her rifle to Alessio. The trigger squeezed and the gun went off, a twitch sending a bullet or maybe two into the ceiling of the storage area. Coleen gasped and threw herself back, trying anything to get Alessio to let go. The gun went off again, this time practically over her shoulder.
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