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One moment of hesitation was all it took for Jerry to be able shoot.

Two bullets, one in the chest and one in the gut. It was the worst pain Trav had ever experienced. A burning pain from a cut turned up to eleven. He stumbled back and for a moment it looked like he was going to be able to stay standing. But then he fell, his aching legs unable to hold his body up. The sea waves lapped up around his legs, which would have mattered if he wasn't dying.

Trav stared up at the sky as he thought about Toby and Cass. He knew he didn't have long, breathing was becoming increasingly difficult so he guessed Jerry had hit a lung. So in the end he had managed to not be there to make sure Toby was safe and now he was going to leave Cass alone on the island.

Good job.

He coughed as he tried to draw in a breathy but failed. His vision was starting to fade and there didn't seem to be much time left. Still he thought that at least there were worse ways to die than contemplating your own failures. Self-reflection wasn't much use to him anymore though.

At least he had met Cass. That was the one good thing. Maybe the only good thing that had happened since he woke up...and he had been in the sea he guessed. That was pretty cool too.

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