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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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"Oh..." Noah said as Hannah turned away from him.

She had been traveling with Irene, but they got separated. Noah thought back to the girls he had been traveling with over the last few days. None of them had died yet, but even Noah would have to admit he'd probably feel a bit guilty if they died without him. Granted, he could blame Nancy for forcing them apart, but that wouldn't assuage all his worries.

Noah sighed, then put his hand over his eyes.

"Hannah, I don't think you failed her," Noah said. "If you were there when Alvaro killed her and tried to save her, it'd be one thing. Then you might feel some culpability. But I wouldn't blame you for Irene's death."

Noah stretched his legs out a bit and shifted his back against the wall. He kept his eyes covered.

"Honestly, thinking about all these what-ifs and what-could-have-beens here is probably doing more harm than good. All I can think about are jokes I'll never tell and people I might never find or things I'll never tell my family. All it does is make me even more frightened about how and when I'll die here."

Noah sniffled. His throat was starting to tighten up.

"It's exhausting."
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