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((Bryony Adams continued from The Latest Story That I Know is the One That I'm Supposed to Go Out With))

Sitting on the top floor of the bell tower, staring out to sea, knees tucked up against her chest and arms huddled around her legs, Bryony let out a tiny, delicate sigh.

If there had been anyone else up there with her, they would have almost certainly missed it, caught and drowned out by the wind. As it was, Bryony sighed to herself and the open sky, shivering slightly in the chill of the early morning. She pulled her knees even closer in, and shoved her hands into their opposing sleeves.

She wasn’t quite sure how she was feeling right now. She especially wasn’t sure how she was supposed to be feeling.

The reunion with Alice and Sandra had been tainted somewhat by the fact that Bryony had barely been able to squeak a word out without crying. Once they had taken shelter in the upper levels of the bell tower, she had wrapped her arms around them both and clung to them as though her life depended on it. She had stayed like that for quite some while, not willing to let go, not willing to let this one good thing go.

Eventually, though, she was all cried out, and they had spent the rest of the day huddled together, safe but alert, discussing what they’d been through over the past few days. Who they’d met, what they’d done, what they were trying to do.

Who they’d lost.

Time had passed. Time had passed quicker than it had yet on the island, now she was finally with her closest friends possible. Eventually they had decided to sleep in shifts, ready to wake up the two sleepers at the first sign of anyone or anything suspicious; they weren’t exactly going to be able to fight anyone off alone with the meagre weaponry they had available.

And now it was morning, and Bryony was camped up at the top of the tower, milling her thoughts over. It wasn’t a strategy that had worked well for her before now, but somehow, she felt okay. Even with the image of Bridgette’s body still fresh in her mind, brought even closer into focus by the reminder on the announcements, she felt okay. She had still cried, make no mistake about that.

But she had finally found her two closest friends in the whole world, and the warm glow that that gave her inside was standing strong against everything that was attempting to douse it.

So Bryony sighed again, and a small, gentle smile appeared on her face. She wasn’t going to get many of these. She had to make the most of the ones she did get.

She heard the fluttering of wings nearby, and she glanced to the right. A seagull had perched on the railings close to her, feathers ruffling slightly in the wind. Absentmindedly, Bryony removed her hands from her sleeves, and waved at it.


The seagull turned its head in her general direction.

“I suppose you’re wondering why so many people have turned up to disturb your home all of a sudden, huh?”

The seagull didn’t reply.

Bryony sighed again, and waited for the other two to find her.


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