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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Full-blown panic mode had set in. The ocean spray made it hard to open his eyes, even without something striking him sharply in the gut over and over and over again. Jerry exhaled and lost the ability to breathe in again, gasping for air through a closed throat and a mouth that was locked open. His face alternately pressed itself into the soggy beach sand and lifted away in short jerks in a vain effort to keep the various holes in his face free of water.

This was nothing like how he felt Trav before. It was a dreadful feeling, to feel that during their last altercation in the gym, that Trav possibly wasn't giving it his all. To think that the guy who had driven him face-first into the mat with a kick that powerful wasn't even taking the fight seriously...

No. No, that wasn't it.

Trav wouldn't let him up. He was abusing the element of surprise, that was hardly a fair start. Trav was cheating. Everybody was cheating except Jerry.

Well, fine. Fuck it. If Jerry had to cheat to win, to win to live, then he was gonna do just that. He thrashed his head to get the best angle he could and sunk his teeth into the flesh underneath Trav's arm, just under his ulna.
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